By | 1 November 2017

there will have been no
justification for silence
you will only have had
its circumstantial axiom
to pass through:
history’s hot sum pulse
softened to oily lead
sweet for soldering instants
time’s tendency to atrophy
when flung to the cutting floor
buckling in brown lengths
now retreat to parietal eye
quietness as waiting
(as your dark continents’ coiling-waiting)
a muscular totem when
apprehended in full sun
mute skin sheds eventually
body rearing
poised on nothing but
sprung centre thickened patience
at times silence was worse
than no words appalled more
since lard-pale & avascular
shunting now rejoined
neither bitten nor shy
the trajectories we fling
are curved while also tessellated
do not read inflammation
as precursor to speech

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