By | 1 June 2014

i felt sad when the NY man left
i was on a tram
travelling west on Bridge Road
towards the city
i cued a tune by Beirut to repeat
while i smiled through smeary windows
did some tears

in the centre i got down
took the alley
full of overhanging
awnings and windows throwing
the colours of people
crossed at the crossing
entered an arcade
remembered a birthday
late so
bought a gift
in slow
for another man i love
then personal cosmetics
in the plain white light
of a day spa

i was lucky since a waiting tram
was mine and
travelling north along Elizabeth Street
at the market intersection
on the aluminium seats
i saw a girl
the thinnest legs
i’d ever seen
in tight
pale blue denim but she
was really laughing
(its blue was not unlike
the wrapping
on my
fresh present)

going up Victoria Street
i talked to myself
silently in imaginary discussion
with the NY man
whose body all the while
was in the tightness of a plane
travelling east
and mostly very north

in the inner west
and very south i left the tram
stepped between bumpers and
went breezeway carpark footpath home

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