Notes to Self on Remaining Alive

By | 1 November 2017

Disassemble. See the unpixelated sky as fathomable, just
not with ideas and unequivocally not with words. Allow night to
alight on skin, flinch but don’t

turn from its harder truths. Be constant as moons are, radiant
even when absent. Embrace fallow seasons, especially when your earth
is at its most dead – one less

of you means none of you. Greet the deep-down pain as
a friend. Benefactor and muse. Remember the therapeutic value
of torment.

Lie in bed and watch rain fall undistracted. Lie directly beneath
stars and clouds. Lie supine upon the earth in such a way that it pulses
through your metaphysics.

Uncoil but remain curved. Give to her body. Remember the law
of attraction and invite her body in. Placate that which would tear your
mind’s silence.

Search for the hurt in all evil. Spend more time with innocence.
Become imbued with its native hope. Be unguarded, in safer moments. Don’t
hunger into screens.

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