Ern Malley Jr.: My sister’s eyes are nothing like the sun…

By | 26 November 2005

The uptake on familial grounds is never
shaky as it seems, that geno-argument,
future-speak, anachro-indifference
to detail. Core biology essentialises
crankshaft and pistons,
busy cylinders, those bright sparks
greasy in the pit. And I have been there
languorous and cow-eyed, a dove
where hawks might fall, thermostat
stuck shut so the flow drops to zero.
I know the fountains of Rome,
water closets and the pont neuf ??
such is my body, vine-like, genealogical,
melancholic in the British Library: guest-host.

Ern is of the park, and occasionally further afield. He channels, divines, and is pretty much an open book. He is losing his ambitions.


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