Eve N. Malley: Tossed grubs

26 November 2005

steaming zucchini !
combine the grubs
with the other grub
for tossed grub salad.
the evening's tasks
pressurise the lyric,
noir-ish nostalgia
that no wordplay
can compensate.
full colour con tricks,
content not so,
like being
whacked at Wacol
by a Little Golden Book.
Donald Duck
and Goofy      now
childhood anachronisms,
(I plumb
psychic depths)
entropy is us,
Nancy has osteoporosis,
Boofhead's incontinent,
only Richie Rich
appears ok –
he runs
a superannuation scheme
with Casper
the friendly ghost
who travels frequently

EVE N. MALLEY is a prominent Melbourne-born bon vivant and poet who once earned her living as John and Sunday Weed's kitchen hand. She has published monographs on cooking, sex, gardening, comic books and art. She is currently writing a study of love poetry of the 1950s. Eve N. Malley lives, these days, in the Cotswolds.

As reported on Cordite News Explosion, we are humbled and disappointed to announce that this poem was in fact written by Pam Brown.

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Pam Brown

About Pam Brown

Pam Brown is an editor, reviewer and author of various chapbooks and pamphlets as well as many books of poetry. A new collection, click here for what we do, is due from Vagabond Press in 2018. She lives in Alexandria, Sydney.

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