Reinventing the Ancient Across four Cultures, One Ocean

By and | 1 February 2013

The Burning

(The artists integrate voice, sound, music and movement to create the ritual of burning.)

In a blaze of perfume and song

Burn what is already dead

All that we give will be gone

The sapphire morning grows red

gather … gather, gather … gather …

gather your twigs
to weave the nest
knit, sew, stitch, braid, crochet
bead, emboss the nest
                                 not boss the nest
                                 making, remaking in order to get
                                 a chance to be better at what we’ve got

Your twigs are your bones, are your ills are your wrongs

Don’t play with fire ‘cause it plays with you.
What do you want to be – yeah, when you grow up – what do you want to be?
A fire-fighter with a red engine and a big hose.
A star so I twinkle then shoot to the ground … Shoot to the ground …

Ignite the flame to be the light

That never dies, day or night

Ignite the flame!

(Greek words: a repetitive mantra which in essence means: you need to sacrifice and burn something of yourself in order to continue in life.)

Prepei na thysiasis yia na synehisis
thysiasis yia na synehisis, prepei na kaeis
yia na synehisis, na kaeis,
yia na synehisis
na kaies, na kaeis, yia na synehisis!
Na kaeis, into the blaze, na kaeis, into the Blaze!

The Red Guard took my father.
Seven days and seven nights I could not take a shower.
He sits in his armchair and watches in silence

Jackets are sewn – Burning mouths swallow Red Coats… Red Coats

My left hand was clumsier than my right.
An infinite running up and down the scales.
Of control, of control… forced language.

Leonardo da Vinci visited our village.
Made a village grow into a factory.

Struggle is Life… Finish.

The circles spiral, threads disappear, design lost with dialect.

Solemn sepia, pixelised picture, silent struggle, melt as one.

remnants, remains, bits an’ pieces, fragments, fractions.

meaning found in dying detail.

the weave no longer weeps.

suffer no more, suffer no more, suffer no more.

found anew, found anew, found anew.

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