Natalie Harkin

Natalie Harkin

About Natalie Harkin

Natalie Harkin is a Narungga woman, a member of the Chester family in South Australia. She writes through an archival-poetics, where history can live and move forward through poetic-prose. She is an academic who has worked in Indigenous higher education since 1995, and is currently enrolled in a PhD. Her research weaves a love of poetry and activism and centres on her Aboriginal family story and the state’s Aboriginal archives. It also responds to Aboriginal resistance writers and artists who engage critically and creatively with colonial archives in their work. She has been an active member of the local Nunga writers group and has shared her words at conferences, local events and festivals. Her greatest love is her immediate and extended family including her partner and two young children.

Garden Musings

1.  his racism compels an energy that grows me  a garden his Team Australia digs  my shovel deeper his Northern Territory  Intervention layers my compost-pile higher his  Operation Sovereign Borders pulls my  noxious-weeds faster his Forced Closure of  Remote Aboriginal …

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మేమిక్కడున్నాం | We’re Here

Translated from the English to the Telugu by Joopaka Subhadra మేము మీ … వైద్యులమ్ కళాకారులమ్ కవులమ్ మీకు చదువు చెప్పే గురువులము , మీ న్యాయ వాదులమ్ మీ సమాచార సాంకేతిక నిపుణులమ్ మీ పారిశుధ్య కార్మికులమ్ , సంగీతకారులమ్ నటులము , మీ మూల దుకాణాల్లో పనోల్లమ్ బస్సుల్ని …

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Cultural Precinct

Reflecting on Tarnanthi, a Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art All this creating speaking breathing on Kaurna country demands more than just an acknowledgment of a peoples past present and future, for this place, this space, is …

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Ode to PolesApart – Tracking

So-long the old sweet dreams of night breath now trapped in chest-locked-tight all corset-robed and body-probed she swallows back the dread … taste bitter-burning-fear and haunting the terror in her gut forewarning memories on her body etched on fear the …

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Harts Mill Projections

Hot February-dark summer’s still Old Harts Mill potent site – then along comes r e a Harts Mill        remnant 19th century flourmill        five stories strong on the banks        Port River       I am small at the wharf’s edge       here      across the water       Kaurna campsites     Glanville    birthplace and home to Lartelare      keeper …

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