Ali Gumillya Baker

Weaving Blankets of Story and Hearts of Gold: An Archival-poetics Praxis

My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer on his fifty-ninth birthday and after a fierce battle with his body and mind, he died two years later. In the face of all odds, he maintained optimism and hope.

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7 Portraits by Ali Gumillya Baker

‘Bow Down to the Sovereign Goddess’ (series 1-5), 2012; exhibited at Art Gallery of South Australia, ‘From the Street’ and part of the Flinders University Art Museum Collection. Portraits: Alexis West, Simone Tur, Nazaree Dickerson, Tracey Rigney and Faye Rosas …

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અલી ગુમિલિયા બેકર | Knowledge of Trees

Translated from the English to the Gujarati by Rupalee Burke રીવર ગમ વૃક્ષો, મહાકાય પ્રાચીન કાયાઓ, શ્વેત લોકો આ ભૂમિ પર આવ્યા તે પૂર્વેના છે. એડલેડમાં કૌરના ભૂમિ પરના અમુક વૃક્ષો અસ્તિત્વ ખોઈ બેઠેલી નદીના કિનારે ઊભા છે, જે નદીઓને …

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