Ali Gumillya Baker

Ali Gumillya Baker is a Mirning woman, mother, academic, filmmaker, visual and performance artist. She has curated a number of visual art exhibitions, including Bound/Unbound Sovereign Acts I and II at Fontanelle (2014) and during TARNANTHI Festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Contemporary Art (2015), Nunga Odradek (2013) at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation and Long Way Home (2012) at Flinders City Gallery. She was also an invited artist at the Art Gallery of South Australia exhibition From the Street (2012), curated by Lisa Slade. She has exhibited at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute (2011) a show called ALIAN: Bow Down to the Sovereign Goddess.

7 Portraits by Ali Gumillya Baker

‘Bow Down to the Sovereign Goddess’ (series 1-5), 2012; exhibited at Art Gallery of South Australia, ‘From the Street’ and part of the Flinders University Art Museum Collection. Portraits: Alexis West, Simone Tur, Nazaree Dickerson, Tracey Rigney and Faye Rosas …

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