Jennifer Compton Reviews Sarah Holland-Batt and Gavin Yuan Gao

Both of these considerable books, The Jaguar by Sarah Holland-Batt and At the Altar of Touch by Gavin Yuan Gao, arrived into my hands, out of their padded envelope, with all of the gravitas of prize-winners. They are, both of them, winning books—they shine with sincerity and reach and craft—and they won me over with minimal resistance on my part.

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Paul Munden Reviews The Best Australian Poems 2016

In her introduction to this anthology, editor Sarah Holland-Batt claims for the work ‘a colloquialism, contrarianism and playfulness that separates it from its counterparts in the northern hemisphere’. Being hitherto more familiar with that northern hemisphere, this reviewer’s critical interest was immediately aroused.

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The Pelican

Like the Memphis Queen she steams downriver at pleasureboat speed, the rolled umbrella of her beak peony pink, wobbleboard gullet dangling in fleshy bagpipe, a flush of fresh shrimp wooshed out of her rubber pullet. She stalks what she sees, …

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Jacinta Le Plastrier Interview Sarah Holland-Batt

Australian poet Sarah Holland-Batt, b. 1982 in Queensland, grew up in Australia and America and also writes fiction and criticism. She was a Fulbright Scholar at New York University where she attained an M.F.A, and is currently a Senior Lecturer …

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2014 Val Vallis Award Winner: ‘Not Fox Nor Axe’

Chloe Wilson’s poem ‘Not Fox Nor Axe’ has won the 2014 Val Vallis Award. Part-travelogue, part-mosaic of memento mori, ‘Not Fox Nor Axe’ provokes the reader with an extravaganza of multi-layered detail as it elides historical and actual Central American …

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Approaching Paradise

Here in the white, white wing of a gull you may glimpse paradise. In the flensing sun. The prodigal sea, bent back on itself, has the rough green mind of paradise. Paradise is in the breadfruit’s low sling, the purple …

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A Crab Tide

I tread where the mangroves end in a high tide of red fiddler crabs— machined claws, slow primordial heads like sidestepping stones wet-cemented in ooze. From their tatty jaws, new planets mass and tumble like pearls, empires of new sand …

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Hujan Tropis | Tropic Rain

Hujan Tropis Daun telinga gajah laksana talam sajian sempoyongan di bawahnya, hujan tropis memecut ke samping, tersandung seperti kibaran terpal di pohon palma, rimbun, simfonik, tak ada gambar di dalamnya. Bara api yang tersulut dari pukulan air-tempaan pada tepian pakis, …

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Heather Taylor Johnson Reviews Young Poets: An Australian Anthology

I’ve respected John Leonard Press since its beginnings in 2006, and over the years a theme has formed across its publications. Leonard’s poets have a lot in common. There is nothing slapdash about any of them. These are poets clearly enticed by language and by the theories of life. Don’t expect rhyming. Don’t expect clichés. And do not, above all, expect anything simple.”

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