Gavin Yuan Gao

Jennifer Compton Reviews Sarah Holland-Batt and Gavin Yuan Gao

Both of these considerable books, The Jaguar by Sarah Holland-Batt and At the Altar of Touch by Gavin Yuan Gao, arrived into my hands, out of their padded envelope, with all of the gravitas of prize-winners. They are, both of them, winning books—they shine with sincerity and reach and craft—and they won me over with minimal resistance on my part.

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Argument of Incorporeality

Through the mist-aproned mountain, wind blows a gate open. Years that don’t belong to me flood my palms like coins too heavy to hold. Memories—time’s avalanche sweeping the mountainside of the mind. In my naked namelessness, I lie down in …

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Before the divine inventions of dawn & grief, before all bare beginnings, there is the body’s intention to sing. The river wants to hear it & so does the shadow abandoned by its owner under the chestnut tree, waiting with …

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Letter to Blair from Home

Brother, when the raven came for me last night in its black cassock, when my breath was sweetened with dreaming, I heard you call to me in that bell-clear treble, Roy, Roy, and knew there would be no peace, as …

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