Gavin Yuan Gao

Gavin Yuan Gao is a non-binary genderqueer poet and translator. Their honours include the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize, the Ultimo Prize and Best New Poets 2021. Their first book of poems, At the Altar of Touch, was published by the University of Queensland Press in February 2022.

Argument of Incorporeality

Through the mist-aproned mountain, wind blows a gate open. Years that don’t belong to me flood my palms like coins too heavy to hold. Memories—time’s avalanche sweeping the mountainside of the mind. In my naked namelessness, I lie down in …

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Before the divine inventions of dawn & grief, before all bare beginnings, there is the body’s intention to sing. The river wants to hear it & so does the shadow abandoned by its owner under the chestnut tree, waiting with …

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Letter to Blair from Home

Brother, when the raven came for me last night in its black cassock, when my breath was sweetened with dreaming, I heard you call to me in that bell-clear treble, Roy, Roy, and knew there would be no peace, as …

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