Melinda Smith

Only fair

It’s an injustice, be a girlfriend. Tomorrow is the last eight years, I’ve had to reduce every single girl. I’ll be annihilated and love to rot in my revenge against all these years of you. I’m the true alpha male. …

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Dominique Hecq Reviews Melinda Smith and Caren Florance

Seeking to cast light on Melinda Smith’s Goodbye, Cruel alongside her collabo-rative work with Caren Florance titled Members Only is like approaching a hive of fully-formed poems.

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2015 Val Vallis Winners

Winner: ‘Precedent‘ by Andrew Last That rare thing: a non-ponderous sonnet sequence full of surprising imagery, humour and light touches. The poet is obviously at home with the form, the way they vary stanzas and run meaning from one sonnet …

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Review Short: Melinda Smith’s Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call

Melinda Smith’s Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call is her fourth collection, her work including substantial anthologisation and a number of prizes. Smith’s self-described aim is to for her poetry to ‘educate, inform and entertain … but mostly entertain’ (being the subtitle of her blog, Melinda Smith’s Mull and Fiddle).

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Gora: A Hindi word that can mean both ‘white’ and ‘beauty’; also used to denote the British during and after the Raj. The daughters of India are burning Because below the skin you see is the skin you want The …

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