Only fair

By | 1 May 2019

It’s an injustice, be a girlfriend.
Tomorrow is the last eight years,
I’ve had to reduce every single girl.

I’ll be annihilated and love to rot in my
revenge against all these years of you.
I’m the true alpha male.

so I can’t wait to enter the sorority house
at all of my power I waited a god
exacting my power I crime I will give that

to come to other men for it just for it.
and I waited a crime of blood and pleasure.
All those popular kids, never even kissed a god

compared to this. Girls, it’s not fair.
You will finally see in slaughtering
all for it in loneliness, I take to love,

it’s only fair. Yes, I’ve been forced
to other men instead of retribution,
I will be a long time I am, be animals,

Well, in truth, more than me and rightfully so
I will be animals, I’ve been attracted to rot
in loneliness, Elliot Rodger here. [laughs]

You will make you. I hit puberty, depraved
species. I waited a crime of blood and pleasure.
You will have never get over. I’m the true

alpha male. I’ll be annihilated and pleasure
while they throw themselves at these years,
You will have never get over. I will punish you.

Poem created from the transcript of Elliot Rodger’s video ‘Retribution’. Rodger uploaded the video
to YouTube on May 23 2014, the day before he murdered six people and seriously injured 13 others
in Isla Vista, California. He ended by turning the gun on himself. His actions made him somewhat of a hero
to lonely men in the self-styled ‘incel’ (‘involuntarily celibate’) community. Transcript sourced from
the LA Times, May 24 2014. The text was then manipulated using the heroku glass leaves text
manipulation app
(in particular, the ‘create Markov chain’ manipulation, which works a little like predictive text).

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