Jonathan Dunk

notes to a landscape

It is a structural matter, a view from a window which has been carefully placed to exclude a whole quadrant of the landscape. — W.E.H. Stanner axe time, pale austere, Gregorian the ridgebacks saw down bodies of clay the eucalypt …

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nerve damage

being gets fragmentary but obscurely significant thought hollows but there are more edges to peer over you’re becoming cautionary & allegorical but love is after all, a word

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To Outlive a Home: Poetics of a Crumbling Domestic 

While these pre-federation tropes of settler colonial Australia’s multifaceted and at times contradictory pastoral modes seem to recognise something of their incompatibility with Aboriginal land, they seek their resolution from burial, rather than reciprocal encounter with Aboriginal presence.

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for Robert Hass spring abrupts like an open palm walk through redfern stop to watch jasmine spill again & think of yr grandmother pink fragrant naturalised climbing the scraptractor at the gardentop the beggar replies to an empty hand it’s …

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How to be an Avant-garde Ex-lover

bake sixty-eight cakes for sixty-eight mates be apt smuggle memes outback of the friend in hand roll but do not smoke anxiously lounge at peeling deck tables keep yr allusions deictic; it’s fun stoically ignore mosquitos haunt but do not …

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