Evelyn Araluen

Evelyn Araluen

About Evelyn Araluen

Evelyn Araluen is a PhD candidate and teacher at the University of Sydney, working with Indigenous literatures. She is a founding member of Students Support Aboriginal Communities, a grassroots activist network in NSW. She was born and raised on Dharug country with ancestral and language connections to the Bundjalung nation. Her work has been published in Overland, Southerly and the Best Australian Poems 2016.

Wangal Morning

sounds almost mute like earth like blood then heat move in shadows slow given back light measure the measureless once more around time fracture sound half sigh fill sky gather old light from other place when we, new muted you, …

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New Town

in re new place we, facing (one) another the sound of her is almost between us: a foot of hair grown and lost the skin of two summers so much rhythm still crashing from the wars never thought day and …

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decolonial poetics (avant gubba)

when my body is mine i will tell them with my belly&bones do not touch the de or let your hands burn black with your unsettlement there are no metaphors here when i own my tongue i will sing with …

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