How to be an Avant-garde Ex-lover

By | 4 May 2016
bake sixty-eight cakes for sixty-eight mates
be apt
smuggle memes outback of the friend in hand 
roll but do not smoke
anxiously lounge at peeling deck tables
keep yr allusions deictic; it’s fun 
stoically ignore mosquitos
haunt but do not uni
If you uni be avid but ironize the fuck out of it; as though helpless before involved embrace
prefer American things; as though helpless before involved embrace
adore the stutterer
glassily believe that stylistic fetishism precipitates meaningful change
cite but do not read Derrida Marx Hegel
vertiginously mingle yr highs and lows: it doesn’t get old or sad or die
be consistent only in aggressive self-interest
assiduously court favour and spurn it
be laconic but conversational
avoid muscular usage in most senses – say it’s a heat & light thing
lineate, lineate
cobweb yr agency wherever you go
keep desire in the 'plausibly situational' box
don't think structurally - this is a party
bet 70x7 is 15591 is a long way to Gundagai
be consoled that most are not so wry or strange or scared 
mutter Dransfield knowingly half-heard as dawn slips the opposite terrace &
your perfect depilate skin burns 
                             like a flare

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