Jake Goetz

Will Druce Reviews Jake Goetz and Michael Farrell

Saturated in a droll but kind and sparkly ennui, Jake Goetz’s volume, Unplanned Encounters (2023) reaches out a cigarette-butt holding, soil and spider-web covered hand and invites readers to confront dislocation, catastrophe, doom, ecocide, and the deeply unsettling mutilations/morphology of post-colonial settlement.

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The Feed

across this Eora river valley morning sun seeps be tween a syntax of glass and concrete warming the yard and the shrivelling leaves of a cucumber plant depositing yellow flowers into memory’s mulch (rubbing the male’s anther into the female’s …

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Stumbling upon a brick chimney shaft

what can a butter of sunlight smeared on a leaf tell us about morality or family? that the underside is a night one can’t differentiate from morning? or if i filled a bag with pebbles from the Yangtze and told …

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Re-imagining Place: A Psychogeographic Reading of Carmine Frascarelli’s Sydney Road Poems

What can the original concepts underpinning psychogeography lend to a discussion of the relation between poetry and place in contemporary Australian poetics?

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The Sound of Spitting

it rises in school yards
 of smashed-fruit afternoons sun peeling back day’s dazed in Shakespeare and Pythagoras’s theorem when two kids use sticks to cast spells on each other’s shins smelling the scent of piss from some suburban Harry Potter’s

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(descriptive-noun): a whip-crack orchestra of air conducted by a landing airplane at the heart of Sydenham an ode to the misplaced large red couch mosaic tea-pot lampshade a kind of we have built what we have taken a slap in …

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