Jake Goetz

Jake Goetz is a poet currently based in Brisbane. His poetry has previously appeared here and there, and one of his poems was recently shortlisted for Overland's Fair Australia Prize. He is the editor of Marrickville Pause.

Re-imagining Place: A Psychogeographic Reading of Carmine Frascarelli’s Sydney Road Poems

SuburbiaWhat can the original concepts underpinning psychogeography lend to a discussion of the relation between poetry and place in contemporary Australian poetics? Can the Paris-based wanderings of Guy Debord and the Situationist Internationale (SI) bring to the fore new meanings of being and creating in urban Australia? To delve into these questions this essay conducts a psychogeographic reading of Carmine Frascarelli’s 2016 book, Sydney Road Poems (Rabbit Poets Series), using key concepts put forth by Debord and the SI.

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The Sound of Spitting

it rises in school yards
 of smashed-fruit afternoons sun peeling back day’s dazed in Shakespeare and Pythagoras’s theorem when two kids use sticks to cast spells on each other’s shins smelling the scent of piss from some suburban Harry Potter’s

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(descriptive-noun): a whip-crack orchestra of air conducted by a landing airplane at the heart of Sydenham an ode to the misplaced large red couch mosaic tea-pot lampshade a kind of we have built what we have taken a slap in …

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