The Feed

By | 1 June 2022

across this Eora river valley
morning sun seeps be tween a syntax
of glass and concrete warming the yard
and the shrivelling leaves of a cucumber plant
depositing yellow flowers into memory’s mulch
(rubbing the male’s anther into the female’s stigma
pollinating by hand for lack of bees) while out in the street
a piece of black tar sits like a stratigraphic fragment
some museum might one day label Bitumen of The Exponential Layer
a time in which the colony failed to read the most simple things
i.e. the way ants pick at an ibis squashed like an ice cream
in the gutter carrying the tin iest offcuts along the path
and into a yard where two workers dump an earth-
worm of carpet into a green and gold skip bin

and to think of this street as a collage
of colours localised by weath er patterns
mediated by ocean temperatures changing
from an increase of carbon in the atmosphere
blues and yellows peeling from California bungalows
separated by collapsing fences held together by orange
and lemon trees an ornate Victorian steel gate
rusted by southerlies and over grown with rosemary
or a Triassic sandstone façade crumbling above
post-war Doric Pillars that suggest a mini-Parthenon
ship-wrecked in the Pacific and to which an old lady clings
tending roses until her back gives and her son
now living on the outskirts of the metropolis
moves her into a home while her house is cleaned out
by two workers to be inspected by a pair
of newly wed yopros blow-ins from the suburbs

this street is a bloody gem
the husband exclaims at the inspection
preceding an invitation to speak by popping his sunnies
on the back of his neck and talking about his new start-up
that will deliver food using lab grown possums trained by robots
made from materials mined in the Congo and Cambodia
and that his business has this sustainable edge
each bot having been manufactured in Hamburg
using power generated by wind turbines scattered across the North Sea
really it’s a genius idea he laughs and licks his lips
for delivering burgers and chips to the cotton-mouths of tradies
who pull so many billies they mistake the Rabbitohs for the Raiders
on the Friday Night Footy and the only real expense
he means once they’re properly established
will be the feed

and some months later having secured
a $2.8 million mortgage the couple order Vietnamese
from the cute place rated 5-stars on Uber Eats
before stripping down to their anther and stigma
pollinating one another on a new beige leather couch
from Ikea after which they both agree
that tomorrow they’ll chop down the citrus
and plant a nice arrangement of natives

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