Lawn Boy Gestalt (v2.0)

By | 1 October 2015
Jim’s Meowing is Jim’s Cheesemaking and Jim’s Datum Pointing was Jim’s Nappy Service or Jim’s Husbandry for Jim’s Prescriptive Burning where Jim’s Reptile Handling at Jim’s Pawnbroking and Jim’s Wedding Portraits became Jim’s Plate Tectonics before Jim’s Flagpole Sitting or Jim’s Mammoth Spearing was Jim’s Wet Nursing because Jim’s Artificial Insemination became Jim’s Gene Splicing where Jim’s Rubber Compounds and Jim’s Orgone Accumulation was Jim’s Leather Tanning is Jim’s Particle Collision and Jim’s Primal Screaming with Jim’s Feng Shui that Jim’s Crop Rotation did for Jim’s Door Knocking under Jim’s Barn Storming got Jim’s Speed Dating and Jim’s Flying Buttressing had Jim’s Interracial Faith in Jim’s History Revision of Jim’s Freight Forwarding went to Jim’s Late-term Aborting for Jim’s Graffiti Removal or Jim’s Spoonbending because Jim’s Radar Detection and Jim’s Oil Refining became Jim’s Love Making in Jim’s Epidemiology for Jim’s Tie-dyeing so Jim’s Ballroom Dancing with Jim’s Carpet Bombing got Jim’s Sex Surrogacy while Jim’s Consciousness Raising and Jim’s Flax Sewing had Jim’s Y2K Solutions for Jim’s Goldfish Swallowing wherever Jim’s Laser Waxing was Jim’s Whaling and Jim’s Wealth Creation was Jim’s Hara-kiri inasmuch Jim’s Sock Darning was Jim’s Piano Tuning and Jim’s Ore Smelting because Jim’s Blood Letting did Jim’s Arse Kicking for Jim’s Steiner Schooling if Jim’s Gregorian Chanting went Jim’s Skeet Shooting for Jim’s Rod Divining became Jim’s Life Coaching and Jim’s Ice Fishing did Jim’s Intrauterine Cannibalism with Jim’s Crop Rotation or Jim’s Flintlock Repair for Jim’s Immolation.


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