Saturday Night in the City of the Dead

By | 1 September 2023

Last night, after I said I was just passing through. After we
stole away from other sapphics. After I said
you’re going to die and I can’t stop it. Last night in
San Junipero when the sky blushed lilac, horizon seeped like a cut
kumquat in deep summer, when the moon hung below the skirts
of the palm trees like a half-remembered
moon, when we drove to
nowhere, to the render’s edge, when waves crashed on distant
shores of time, when we shored against forgetting, when
we made sense of forever—the longing—the
boredom—the laughter—the love of it—last night city
lights blazed a new galaxy and the dead
had already made room for us. I knew what I was born for. Time’s
nearly up. Let’s dance, sweet thing
until the rest of it.

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