By | 1 August 2021

Find a centuries-old oak. To walk there will be slow work.
Kill three wolves. There will always be wolves.
Kill the man who wears a wolf pelt on his back.
Enter the cave mouth and follow the flooded dirt path.
Reach a mass of heart roiling within roots. Do not
touch it. You were told not to touch it. You were told what
you should do.
Remember. See yourself moving but not what moves you.
Far past the hillock in a village called Downwarren a
woman may hand you a fist of white myrtle under the
light of an old seer’s moon.
Eat them, or brew, with celandine and sweet alcohol, an
antidote to pops’ mold. You may
take the woman to bed but none would advise it. You may
repay her with a wolf’s liver but none would advise it.
Travel south by morning.
Gather one raven feather and a spirit’s buried bones. You
were told where to go. You are not wanted here or
any place along the long road.
Remember that you are the monster and a monstrosity must be
Keep walking. There will be black horses. There
will be fields of black horses rippling through
breeze. There will be a moment when you can
make the right choice.

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