Me and my Rhythm Box

By | 1 September 2023

–Pipalyatjara (APY Lands)

red dust creates a henna effect in your silver hair
as we drive into the centre of town on sunset
past the ice cream truck mr whippied over a ghost sign for fire
the mirage is like a recurring dream
that after raising a child my ex-partner from aeons ago
decides there’s enough life left for a superannuated rekindling
yet I can’t shake the feeling I’m trespassing
and wake to realise that you’re sleeping beside me
otherworldly as that bisexual star of Liquid Sky
last night my boss decided to pull on the belt loops
of my jeans as a come on which I appreciated
after a particularly desultory performance review
discharging wish fulfilment in my sleep
writing pink slips for maverick abandonment

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