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i plunged my fist into your chest and discovered the heart i licked my discovery my knowledge in the cell, in the nighttime, as the moon covers its eye with the shadow, i discover the will in the cell which is the will in me, i began as a shellfish and step by step became a monster of knowledge, tore the mask from the weakened citizen, denaturalised the kidney beans, as they fall from your fallopian tubes, the bells ringing, i dropped the fabric over the surface of the body and ceased to be a citizen, my qualities became obscured by the dark cloth i had no values, i was a machine for the god, he licked me on the face and told me to uncover myself he stripped the leaves from my flesh he licked the vaseline from my sex, my cache-sex, in the darkness, i relieved myself, i was of shame for the other, the western string, the history of a shoelace, i looked toward the other lands and saw them twist their strings, it folded into them, i discovered the silence that precedes them, that sustains them. i became raw in the sunlight, i rosied up to the god, for only through the medium could i perceive his ephemera and feeling it could i discovered the solitude.

displaying my whole surface, everybody could see that exposer and cacher were the same verbs but with alternate intensities of light. i discovered the hand within the glove. i discovered the land. i ran the finger over the rock and left my cells on its grisly skin, i painted myself onto it i discovered art. i pwned it. i discovered the bodies under the coat, a coat made entirely of arms, what god has commissioned this, what tailor has known such a creepy might. i discovered the bones beneath the skin, ran the tips of my own skin-slung bones over their content, i told you you were a symbol, i fit you to a concept, hitched a star to a waxen figure, twisted the forms. i discovered the eagle preying above us revered it. i never feared god because i saw his shaven face. I found the leader in the sunlight, he presented his rugged chest to us, his capped scalp. we ran the sandpaper over his breast. we made of the blood and hair a paste, ,and began to paint the landscape. i discovered the bed under the doona, discovered the tongue in the minority grouping, they were pressing back against the freezer. i slid the bottlebrush down my throat felt its nettles rush, noted my pores prickling to the stamm. in the introduced unherb, i made a finding, introduced myself to the responsible gods, placed myself before the others.

the pink men of knowledge, sweating in the closed rooms, resisted and in resisting, continued to be true. i swallowed the turd and breathed into their air-hole. I raised the plastic sword to your plastic neck and made the thickened plastic blood sulk out. i discovered the plague in the handkerchief. i discovered the stain beneath the mug, the fleck behind the cushion. i covered my skin and the excreta removed itself. i lay the banksia on the battlefield in order of their size, their hue, the length and width of their tendrils, the resistance of their leaves, the flexibility of their stems. i catalogued all of these properties, then shuffled them under the undergrowth. i found the blood in my soup and took it back, even though it was my blood and someone else’s soup. likewise i documented this case and it took on a quality. in the name of equality i saw myself forced to destroy the others. in the name of fraternity i felt myself tempted to kill the sisters. i discovered the complexity of emotion. it was we who discovered the lip under the moustache. we discovered the yoke, bolted it to our necks and showed it to the boss. he said teamwork and we hi-fived. we discovered the subject being subjected. we discovered the leaves of grass. we discovered the peninsula and broke its neck. we began to swim, our surfaces were shining and covered, we were naturalised.


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