Shock To The Screen Door

1 February 2012

You can hear it banging in the wind, or
when someone delivers something and lets it
‘have its will’. It causes you to jump, inevitably.

“Trouble in your bubble, mate?” is what Dave
says when I look morose. Which might be
a large part of the explanation. Maybe my locutions

affect him equally. In fact we bear each other no ill will.
It is “a letting of the screen door slam” – to quote this translation, into
English from the Japanese, of Rilke –
not Rilke’s Japanese, as Dave would point out,

Rilke wrote in German. But I think you see where I am coming from.
And going? Going? Dave’s poster of Che Guevara
is dog-eared now, and Voyager might whistle to him
for another thousand years.  I expect that I’ll be listening.

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