Chapter One: in which Edward survives in a sandwich

By | 1 May 2019

When, in the franchise,
Edward becomes wraith-like
you are inconsolable.
I make you school sandwiches
with blood-red sauce and polony.
With the sauce I draw a love heart
and embellish its middle with a cursive ‘E’.
There, I say, for now he is safe in your sandwich.
Ok, it’s not a cloven-pine or an attic
or any other high-styling bolt-hole
but it is portable, economical,
disposable –oh and also something else–
it feeds you.
You are convinced,
or at least put on a show
of being convinced,
this spell will hold
in soft white halves
for now. And later
I picture you sinking
your nine-year old incisors
into the sticky sweet
legend of love, ingesting its messed up
promise, leaving its tired wrappings
in the bottom of your bag.

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