Lamb Chantey

By | 1 September 2013

Woodpies lurk near what may be a very fancy shantie
Wild clover up close is the detail of compromise
Hey noddy noddy
2 loins form a very grand roasting joint known as the saddle

Soft bickering of your teats I prefer
Your preference of weeding in the “nude”
The choler deepens to a purplish red in mutton

Hey lolly lolly
Historically two-tooth was very important, especially to country families
The fousand tiny hairs out the nose out the ears are bowled and chirmed by the wind
Hello middle-age, hello bone-flutes and summer’s corpses that go pop

How do you pronounce Eurydice? Why is caring for a rifle and loding
It so sexy
One attends to one’s musts or lets the will go to vapour
The promise of alcohol and the promise of song orders the blood about

Obediently like a flock of well-loved lambies: there it goes to the foot
There pesters the gut, carrying off sausage, there it festoons
The cock to take charge to tink tings over, to speak gladly and finally
To rest
Thismorning I cleaned my teeth with stew I think I want to
Smirch and be smirched

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