Off Kilter

By | 1 November 2016

This be the fulcrum, order’s pivot. Powers oscillate
my words the rivet, evil, chthonic, to show you

malfeasance, the urgency to recompense, the levers
wholly off kilter: 1) The tigerfish is the carnivore

of the Congo. Obtruding fangs eyes tenebrous
hideous diffused in glass can sink teeth into plastic

pillar coral. The poison dart frog has been brought
here from South America. Multihued little hunter lurks

synthetic foliage the flash of my camera. The spider
crabs have ten elongated legs and pinions. Horror

creatures incandescent aquarium. 2) This centre offers
unbeatable shopping experiences. A Valhalla of glamour

and discounts, afford purpose routine rush knowledge
grand survival. Enjoy your day at the world-famous indoor

entertainment park. The hottest names in fashion, Italian
pronounce educated expert to learn life. Delight

in a plethora of delicacies from all over the world. Arancini
di riso and cannoli yum ye grim third world scum

envy wish I was me. 3) Our aim is to end poverty, empower the planet’s
underprivileged. Bank loans for the poor spreading prosperity

handout saviour pivotal part of the solution without me and my
purse the world would end surely say it surely. We are a group

of passionate, dedicated people, fighting injustice and saving
lives. Ending genocide, achieving world peace, the political

don’t need it first world superiority magnanimity victims
shouldn’t be pugnacious but grateful I’m here stop it thank god

for me. Support families ravaged by conflict and donate
to Save the Children Appeal. Educating the homeless

satiating the hungry don’t end up asking what’s the point such a
fucked up world where’s fucking god believe in god beggars

don’t be but indebted the pittance no revolution remain cute
faithful helpable for me because I love you I do now smile

for the camera I said. 4) Written vividly with compassion,
this book sets a new standard for creative non-fiction. Delightful

life-affirming, confirming the other of disgust hate desires
angry ageing bourgeois crave destroy the world punish for

wrinkles and cancer. This is a witty and compelling account
of identity and existence in the contemporary world. Some of

the best most original writing of the year, multicultural what
racism give two shits postmodernist sophists we understand lit

lip service against our love for money. This is a superb
collection of memorable poems showing an author at the peak

of her powers. Magnificent and lyrical, philistines proud throw
cash poets no one ever reads announce pedestals force kids

to study their crap will think not pretenders but cultured. This is
the vital, indisputable role of literature in our society. 5) I was

born in Iran in 1976 and immigrated to Australia in 1991. Lucky
got away from so much war oppression don’t give a fuck

fanatical losers bloodthirsty strangled economic sanctions
diabolical I’m free now Australian bank account western

passport so fucking ecstatic when I’m confused for a Spaniard
or an Indian. I hold a BA with Honours in Creative Arts and

a PhD in professional writing. Five books published, the sixth
on its way, worked my arse off I can be good at English write

write write I’m not illiterate immigrant please it fucking hurts
when rejected get rejected all the time. I am a pacifist, an agnostic

and a contrarian. I enjoy travel and reading philosophy. What else
am I supposed to own up to contempt for mankind all the shit

in Iran racism in Australia knockbacks pretend I’ve moved on
mature not full of torment the girls never loved me the scholarship

I never got. A neat narrative of years and yearnings. Bio
-graphies must be brief, narrative, objective and so I must be

0) the fulcrum. Powers stumble, rumble, maintain the rivet
to join evil and chthonic, force you, deprive you until

the event, rupture, to recompense the grave hush-up
of these urges, the levers forever off kilter.

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