The Anxiety of Affluence

By | 1 November 2016

can’t hide the tired beard, or unknow?
what you’ve seen, absolutely?
flat out screening, yes?
it takes as much as it gives?
even though all five walls are never quite right?
but you’re not as guilty as the guillotine in your head?
no one will
suit up for the argument or intimidate the witness?
replay the footage from the land of rumbling stomachs?

truth is hollow like a shudder

every day that clever voice, it tells itself?
don’t be aware, be alert?
not to feel freedom’s easiness?
what can you do
it’s like stabbing knives?
you’re a good man chained to command?
this proud business, shifting digits?
it makes you laugh all over?
your eyes are as blank as a bank?

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