Tapping into the Latest Fur Trade

By | 1 July 2009

Remember the name of a
girl called
Bonny Lander!


Canada, Siberia HIGHWAYS

Lined with fur
Only a way to come
Back Bonny
Search out the
Pizzle: glowing cherries above the snow
Like a saint's telegraph or scattered dice
Malted Nickel ore: the red plastic devil eyes
Of the switchboard- little foxes
Coming in on the radar
Inexorable lines flows
To fill up the cosmopolitan
Bourgeois ball bearings rolling on
de luxe
tongueless umber fur arrows
to add a serve of static to the musk

There's no escaping physics or silicates
Just look at the roof of the
Crystal vault- sky- taverna- well;
Weird blue-eyed wolfies sledding
Picture a beauty pageant on skis
In the main square in UB city
Beginning a mammoth trek to your place
An ingenious smuggle-funnel
Of diamonds-fur-girls, the gay harvest
Of gambling chieftains.

Wealth flows backwards as well to
Shut the shamans up
Foxes for Berlin foxes for London
Some of them overshot- making it to
Taking it to the nape
Of the Governesses's neck
Back home the silent and filthy
Belongs to the Shaman
Buried upright in a tree.

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