sueltame rocky coast smelter

By | 1 August 2010

sueltame hermana media hermana nada
mas que un acquaintance an accident historic
agujero negro never negro never the home
place never the broken home platitudes
only the sucios make you sweat second
hand I came to understand la ley
de la land la la la la la la mama
tierra? la la la la la la no home in Bodalla
can’t stand Temuco too cold in Hobart Puerto
Montt push it push it I never understood
la ley ’cause I couldn’t stand the swelter
the molten breast milk swelter
pechugas de piedra sucking on salt water
inky heart saltos huyendo how many times has
art rhymed with corazón the reason I’m fleeing
is the buzz of an interstitial buzzing salty
smelters is when I dive into the ocean
cuando escucho las fantasmas
sumergiéndose otra vez en las aguas
it surrounds me like your land surrounds you.

La Serena, Chile

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