To Live There: on ‘Dispatch from the Future Fish’

By and | 1 February 2019


The title, Dispatch from the Future Fish, builds upon the title from American poet, Leigh Stein’s collection, Dispatch from the Future.

The words: ‘I come from/an archipelago/where land is built/on top of water/and that is called/a reclamation’ first appeared in Kyle Dacuyan’s poem, ‘American Vernaculars’.

The section title, Your President, Eileen Myles, is sourced the title of Myles’s event organised by The Wheeler Centre in May 2018.

The airport photograph collaged in this visual poem was sourced from Dan Pac Swire under a Creative Commons license.

The black-and-white photograph of the Pasig River collaged in this visual poem was sourced from Flickr user, click-the-shutter, under a Creative Commons license.

The lines ‘I stop for a second / It looks me in the face / holds my gaze, / and calls me by its name’, are lightly paraphrased from the last lines of André Aciman’s 2007 novel, Call Me By Your Name: ‘Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine’.

The last lines of the poem, ‘We are all going forward. / None of us are going back’, are also the last lines of Richard Siken’s poetry collection, Crush.

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