Darlene Silva Soberano

Darlene Silva Soberano is a queer Filipino poet from Werribee. They have previously been published in Mascara Literary Review and in the Tell Me Like You Mean It, Volume 2 Anthology from Australian Poetry. They were also a participant in 'Toolkits: Poetry with Express Media' in 2017. They tweet from @DLRNSLVSBRN

‘It is a gift for you’: Darlene Silva Soberano Interviews Manisha Anjali

In my mind, Manisha Anjali is most neatly described as a ‘poet’, though her body of work cannot be so neatly classified.

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Darlene Silva Soberano Reviews When I die slingshot my ashes onto the surface of the moon by Jennifer Nguyen and wheeze by Marcus Whale

Jennifer Nguyen’s debut chapbook, When I die slingshot my ashes onto the surface of the moon, investigates the multifaceted natures of pain and sadness.

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Dispatch from the Future Fish

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To Live There: on ‘Dispatch from the Future Fish’

Dispatch from the Future Fish is a visual poem that is deliberately referential, opening up conversations and foregrounding the notion of writing into certain traditions: those that are given to us and those that we choose.

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