Folio: Brisbane

By | 12 March 2021

Weather: BOM Squad
for Pascalle Burton

Sometimes we delight in the weather, other times the weather outside reflects our stormy inner weather. There are days when we don’t know if our mood is our own, or a result of the weather; vice versa, it can be hard to shake the feeling at times that it is our own bad mood that created the storm outside. At still other times, when we are busy or focused, we do our best to ignore the weather: it is a nuisance, that sunny day which distracts us from our tasks.

Do not look ahead at any weather apps for the coming week. On Wednesday morning, go outside and describe the weather. Then, go outside again at noon and do the same. Do this again at 6 pm. Then, and only then, you may look at the weather app on Bureau of Meteorology, incorporating the language from this app into your final poem.

The following poems were written in response to the Weather exercise: Zenobia Frost, Pascalle Burton, Rae White and Kylie Thompson.

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