I Google ‘are Pokémon edible?’ and wonder if I’m a bad person

By | 1 September 2023

I don’t know where Meowth’s whine starts
and the voices of my brain weasels begin.

Sometimes I’m a Poliwag, an over-sharer:
small intestines like hypotonic corkscrew
on show for all to see.

Whenever I go to a polyamory meetup,
someone has a beer in one hand, Pokémon Go
in the other, and a smart mouth that jokes,
‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’

I wonder if TERFs relate to the female-only
species Chansey – harbouring the fragility
of eggs in their front pockets, reproducing
only through clones of themselves.

The pastel blue-pink-white ears/feelers/fur
of Sylveon is the most #TransRights shit
I’ve seen on my TV in a long time.

I wonder if I’d ever have the guts
to eat a Farfetch’d – pluck and cook
its rare flesh, garnish with the leek
it used fruitlessly
as weapon against me.

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