Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Heavy Rainfall and Damaging Winds

By | 12 March 2021

it’s dog hour
UV finally set to rare
getting in walkies before the Bureau
sends in the BOM squad

earlier sun by the kilo
off the back of a truck
buy one get one sun free

glare neon-tips the flame trees
bright new already scalded

the kookaburra’s spooky vibrato
lorikeets in their lottery
faint cross-town chooks
unsubtle cicadas
the usual southside cop chopper

sweating for a storm

upwind bbq snags make the breeze
even more precious

checking the BOM radar
its lava-lamp ultrasound
edging its bets
in anti-climatic foreplay

home to sapphotrophic anomalies
hyper-lemon mushrooms
inflating in the bedroom

as far as forecast
a dry argument

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