At Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

By | 1 December 2013

Lets falsify the census to topple the popular
And drift enmasse to Burrup Peninsula
With pride to protect the petroglyphs

whatta we got to stay home for?
eating snags on toast ‘cos we got no chops
fish and chips on Fridays

The distance the same travelled for dialysis
Will the Flying Doctor take us there?

c’mon grab ya blankets
got no mortgage as a handcuff
ain’t got no key to a wardrobe

Our Land remains purer than diabetes blood
We must protect the sacred rock writing
With every drop of blood we can spill

Stand in the shadow of a valley not yet dead
As buses dispel an endless stream
The ambience ruined by tourism

Ah! Disguise the proverbs of carved rock truth
That means more, so much more than a photo shoot

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