Laurie Duggan

Laurie Duggan was born in Melbourne and was involved in the poetry worlds of that city then Sydney and Brisbane, publishing several books of poems and a critical work Ghost Nation: Imagined Space and Australian Visual Culture (2001). He taught media studies, art history, and cultural studies at various universities. In 2006 he moved to the UK and lived in Faversham, Kent until 2018 when he returned to Australia. Recent titles are Selected Poems 1971-2017 (Bristol, Shearsman 2018), and Homer Street (Sydney, Giramondo, 2020). A further selection, A kite hangs above the border (Macau, Flying Islands, 2022) has parallel Chinese translations.

Alternate Version

Ken writes the unwritten poem as I once planned the unfinished poem (that would be finished) in fact I planned a whole book of them Unfinished as in [ ] the blurb: ‘anyone can write finished poems . . . …

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‘a homemade world’: On the Dandenong Line

Sometime in 1953 my parents bought a house in Clayton (Victoria, Australia), then on the edge of south-east Melbourne. We moved there from a decidedly different environment: the guest house that my Grandmother owned. This was on Beaconsfield Parade in South Melbourne.

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A Northern Winter

For Ken Bolton (who found it) 1 bitter gall in afternoon light stroboscopic beech ‘we will shortly be arriving at / Rainham’ a stationmaster spits the whistle Tate Modern: Delaunay (Robert) and Severini, Munch and Bonnard, Jonas Mekas’ films. Gerhard …

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Lives of the Poets

[An edit from Journals, 1972-1983] 1 A sudden & brief thunderstorm over the house, the harbour. A day in a car wash near Taylor Square. Note on Brett Whiteley’s Zen: all the detail is peripheral: it was an easy step …

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1 low native scrub on the promontory palm-ends splattered with birdshit upper decks of ships luminous in the Bay cloud from the northeast gathers, the poems dry up, at the edge of the military base, leaves hang awaiting scent release …

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Life on Mars

‘Am I a light bulb?’ – tortured Iraqi No, my friend, you’re an ‘electric pear’

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The Art of Poetry

don’t write when you have ‘something to say’ write when you have nothing to say

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Bin Ends

It says here that Tony Baker makes ‘sounds across the range from free improvisation to rustic guinguette à la moules frites’. Refried boogie Tony? * Mohair her suit hirsute * nobody ever talks of their ‘wasted middle age’ * Headers …

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Newman Street

orange & white pots square in the middle of the sill of the house opposite its blind always half-drawn over curtains a mirror image to this house the rooms must be the same shape a large woman leans over the …

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Ern Malley: Six works

Ern Malley remains an enigma …

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Ern Malley: Things to do in Perth

Ern Malley remains an enigma …

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Ern Malley: Melancholia,

Ern Malley remains an enigma …

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