Ern Malley: Things to do in Perth

By | 26 November 2005

aspects of natural vegetation may be the same as Sydney (ref. Seddon)

but the focaccia are entirely different



At 8.40 you could fire a gun &c


Forget the one horse

this is a one-iron

and a no ironing-board town


you can see why all the really savage punk bands came from here


It's an art deco city. Also a high Victorian one.

Still undemolished facades (it takes recession to ensure this)


edge of empire

the taped sounds of barking dogs

Spencer's ‘Christ'

bitten by scorpions


notebook stuck on formica

sunlight on Eurokitsch

the great weight of national literature

the need to subside on a couch

‘but it's off to the School of Business, ha ha,

off to the School of Business'

– Arthur Hugh Clough School of The Popular Lyric


I think I'm a natural egalitarian. I am slightly alarmed to be addressed as ‘sir' by cafe waiters (this practice seems to have only recently become general)




Goodbye pork pie hat

(one passes rested

on an inappropriate head)

back at the Villa Italia

the mind goes blank

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