Lara S. Williams

Lara S. Williams is a British/Australian writer whose work has been published in Cordite, Antipodes, Islet, Blue Crow, page seventeen, Island, Mascara, fourW and the Sun Herald Extras Section. She is editor of the travel journal The Great Affairs and is currently undertaking her creative writing masters at the University of Edinburgh.

The Bastards Learned How to Swim

My drinking has always had a very narrow purpose, one that I’ve repeatedly given up without issue or pain; it is a bonus to rather than a facet of my days. But when I moved to Seoul I was confronted with a type of drinking attitude that insisted my commitment to alcohol be put to the test. For the first time I was taking part in a night life that had no half measures, no flip side to the coin: it’s go for a drink or go to bed. And if you choose bed, you better take a drink along.

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Dead Eroticism and the Zombie Body

In a society obsessed with youth and health, it seems impossible that bodies of death and decay could even illicit physical curiosity, let alone attraction, but perhaps it is our sexual desire to be inside another human being that leads us to such visceral fascination with a body's insides.

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