Justin Heazlewood

The Ballad of Nan & Pop

Pop’s a plodder. Pop’s a plodder from wayback. There’s an art to plodding. You start at A. You see B. You take your sweet time getting there. Nan’s a sprinter. She’s off her marks and getting set While Justin’s halfway …

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Lost Venues, Long Nights: An Introduction to Historical Maps of Live Music in Sydney and Melbourne

As with many other industries, live music in Australia has undergone a form of restructuring. Much of this occurred during the 1990s, though it wasn’t so obvious at the time and there were plenty of other interesting things happening, often within stumbling distance of one’s affordable inner-city rental accommodation.

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Q&A with Justin Heazlewood

Well I think ever since Primary School probably, everything I wrote had a sort of comedy element to it-I always loved being witty and playing around with words and being a bit silly and breaking rules and it just sort of always stayed with me-especially as a musician. I've got a whole heap of serious songs as well, but no matter how big the crowd is you never get much feedback on them.

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