Jackson Mac Low

The Organising Mind: Discipline and Austerity in Jackson Mac Low and Art After 1960

It was the question of the quality of the ‘organising mind’ (in the above epigraph of Retallack) that began this little inquiry, an inquiry that, as Retallack puts it, is certainly based around ‘procedurally eventuated nonintentionality,’ but will go beyond that. I wanted to know about organisation as a quality of mind. Having myself been immersed for some time in procedural practice, I now want to ask a different kind of question: What is the organising mind in poetry and poetics? Extending Joseph Conte’s critical notion of ‘procedural form,’ what is a procedural sensibility?

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The raison d’etre of onedit

Onedit hasn’t had a statement about its raison d’etre since its inception almost 15 years ago, and it’s interesting to be writing one now. The point of poetry for me is that it’s a much more flexible, open, varied, and enduring way of writing into, out of, through, around, or with the world than any kind of commentary can ever be.

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