Tim Atkins

Tim Atkins is the author of many books, including 25 Sonnets (The Figures), Petrarch (Book Thug), Horace (O Books), Petrarch Collected Atkins (Crater), and The World's Furious Song Flows Through My Skirt (Stoma). He is editor of the online poetry journal onedit and is currently writing a long poem; 'On Fathers < On Daughtyrs', parts of which have appeared in The Denver Review, and online in chapbook form at He was a member of the Summer Faculty at The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in 2013.

The raison d’etre of onedit

Onedit hasn’t had a statement about its raison d’etre since its inception almost 15 years ago, and it’s interesting to be writing one now. The point of poetry for me is that it’s a much more flexible, open, varied, and enduring way of writing into, out of, through, around, or with the world than any kind of commentary can ever be.

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