Christian Bök

The Linguistic Playground of Poetics: L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry and Systemic Functional Linguistics

I wasn’t entirely prepared for the Canberran rain and cold. Late November, ostensibly summer, and my last trip to the capital at the same time of year almost a decade earlier had shocked me with a week of perfect blue-skied thirty-degree days.

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The Doomsday Song

(FOR FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE — UPON THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) [PLAY ME] [audio:|titles= The Doomsday Song] (0:55)

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The March of the Nucleotides

a treasury it amasses via twists knit among runic gaps almost all regalia to ornament a thought as lacing can mimic gold cast alloy set aglint at auroras a tapestry a tapestry it affirms via tropes that atoms along clad …

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Vowellings in Reverso

(After Christian Bök, Eunoia) I Unruly Unsunk, thus Pru’s lush cult spurns humdrum hurt, stuffs stubs, bluffs snubs, shuns slurs, gruff flubdub’s churls; usurps glut’s smut, hunts stunt, clumps mugwump curt, Pru’s unsung trump plumbs crux, unfurls, uncurls. Must skulk …

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