Christian Bök

Christian Bök is the author not only of Crystallography (1994), a pataphysical encyclopedia nominated for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, but also of Eunoia (2001), a bestselling work of experimental literature, which has gone on to win the Griffin Prize for Poetic Excellence. Bök teaches English at the University of Calgary.

The Doomsday Song

(FOR FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE — UPON THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) [PLAY ME] [audio:|titles= The Doomsday Song] (0:55)

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The March of the Nucleotides

a treasury it amasses via twists knit among runic gaps almost all regalia to ornament a thought as lacing can mimic gold cast alloy set aglint at auroras a tapestry a tapestry it affirms via tropes that atoms along clad …

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