Lucy Wilks

Lucy Wilks was born in Melbourne in 1960. Her poems have appeared in Verse, Meanjin, Southerly, Otoliths and Rabbit.

Pictures at an Exhibition

We gathered in your loft. It was a safe milieu. We took our medicine and waited. On the wall the countenance of Iggy Pop floresced – a haggard beauty full of lust for demi-monde and vagrants. We could not keep …

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Vowellings in Reverso

(After Christian Bök, Eunoia) I Unruly Unsunk, thus Pru’s lush cult spurns humdrum hurt, stuffs stubs, bluffs snubs, shuns slurs, gruff flubdub’s churls; usurps glut’s smut, hunts stunt, clumps mugwump curt, Pru’s unsung trump plumbs crux, unfurls, uncurls. Must skulk …

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