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By | 1 July 1998

i sold a poem today
at the junction of plenty road and dunn street
where they used to sell age in the mornings to passing cars stopped
before the red light
or waited to collect coins to fill in barrels of charity
or wiped a few coins out of the unconcerned window screens
but i sold a poem today
believe it or not
to an australian
a bloody australian
who looked like a greek
spoke like an asian
smelt like a middle eastern
behaved like an adolescent
average man
who said:

pom? what ya mean, pom?

i shouted in his grey hair of y/ears:
i’m going broke and mad today
this is all i’ve got
a poem of pants
not punts
nor puns
that i had picked up in a garage sale
for a couple of bucks
that i had worn though thick and thin
in a lot of fucks
i’ll just give it to you
for a cent

(here it is
i have the cent
he’s got the po(e)m
i don’t know what to do with it
nor does he)

you understand?

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