By | 1 October 2015

The 75 year old ladies’ man is all cut up
in the hospital bed beside mine.

He loves his dog, brags he once slept with a woman
& her 30-year-old daughter at the same time…

some kind of summit for him
& they were both satisfied.

He’s lost most of the bowel, half his bladder, spleen,
appendix, bits of lung, a snip of the oesophagus,

prostate & finished with a distal pancreatectomy. Reckons
he’s now the ideal weight for his age. Great antidepressants &

you’ve gotta hope. His kelpie Jimmy is only 2 years old
& wouldn’t understand any thievery by death.

Still got all his hair & a full pension
which is accumulating nicely while he’s in the Royal.

Professor Coure is happy with the surgery
but hasn’t been around much since.

There’s a morphine pump & a cheeky Irish nurse.
Maybe he’ll get up next week. For Jimmy.

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