University Second Year:

By | 1 October 2015
Russ and I battling on Sega Genesis and Nintendo.
The victor singing our version of a song lyric: "I like the way your mama works it, my
Hockey '94 in dispute, but Madden Football stored records:
Had him 80 something wins to 20 something losses.
Russ would tell people we played even.
I'd say: "I can see you in ten years telling people we played even."
(Ten years later Russ was telling people we played even.)
Marathon bouts of Baseball Stars – American Dreams vs. Ninja Blacksox (“The Douchesox").
Until I was required to write a paper:
Russ clamoring for a best of seven; I locked the door.
Harassed from the hall; minutes of silence; then at the window sounds of a break-in.
One afternoon we started with a stopwatch on Super Mario Bros.
Bet $20 within two weeks I'd beat the game in under 6 ½ minutes.
That evening registered a 6:24.
He wrote a check; I didn't cash it – taped it to the wall for visitors to see, and keep him
nervous about the bank balance.
Alone during my lowest round of Nintendo Golf:
2 eagles, 15 birdies, 1 par; Minus 19.
Second shot on the Par 5 18th:
Faded a wood in over the trees to 12 feet.
Made the putt.

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